MONTESSORI and NEUROSCIENcEMaria Montessori and neuroscience

brain • mind • education

by Raniero Regni | Leonardo Fogassi

A detailed but non-academic comparative work, co-authored by an avant-garde neuroscientist and a well-known pedagogist.

Pagine Vere / 64
2019 / 2024
EBOOK in english
$ 20,00 / € 18,49
ISBN 9788894947847


An educationalist who studies childhood but who is intrigued by the results of neuroscientific research and an avant-garde neuroscientist exploring the potential repercussions of his findings on education: two avid researchers meet and engage in conversation. Together, they focus on the striking similarities with discoveries made by Maria Montessori over a century ago that still flourish today in the educational practice inspired by her. Unique on the international scene, the book is a work of detailed comparison without being academic, indeed a useful and fascinating read for parents, educators, students and scholars.

The Authors

Raniero Regni – Full Professor of Social Pedagogy at the Department of Human Sciences of LUMSA in Rome, where he also teaches Intercultural Pedagogy. He teaches the AMI course for the “Maria Antonietta Paolini” Children’s House of the Montessori Training Center of Perugia. He has held conferences and training activities in Italy and abroad. He is the co-director of the journal “Pedagogia e vita”.
Leonardo Fogassi – Full Professor of Physiology at the Department of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Parma. He teaches neuroscientific disciplines in Medicine and Psychology degree courses. His research interests are in the neuroscientific study of the cognitive properties of the motor system, particularly the mirror neuron system, of which he is co-discoverer. He has given lectures at numerous conferences on the relationship between Montessori thought and neuroscience. He is the author of more than 130 peer-reviewed publications in international journals, most of them with high I.F., and about 30 book chapters; Quotes: 32628 (source Web of Science).


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